If I’m going to be by your side on your wedding day, allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Dana: a full-time destination wedding photographer based out of California, military spouse, passionate swiftie, and dedicated world traveler. If you are planning a European wedding that’s rich with new experiences and light on stress, I’m glad you are here.


As a destination wedding photographer, my connection to my couples is more important to me than anything else.

Serving couples getting married in dreamy wedding locations, whether it’s a vineyard in California, a château in France or a seaside villa in Santorini, fills my heart with so much joy. It’s always a thrill to work in new and incredible places, but with nearly 100 weddings in my portfolio, it still surprises me how different each and every wedding day truly is. The menu you choose, the music you dance to, the color palette that inspires you - it all comes together on your wedding day to tell your story. 

As your wedding photographer - and your new unofficial hype woman - I’m here to reassure you: your love story is unique and incredible and I will make sure your wedding photos remind you of that every day.

Enjoyment (n): the state or process of taking pleasure in something

The light and airy wedding photos you’ll find in my portfolio today, have come from years of practicing my craft and exploring the world.

Story time: A few years ago, I was already on a flight to Barcelona when riots started taking place at the airport. Thousands of people were starting fights, blocking roads, and limiting access to baggage claim. Once we touched down in Spain, myself (and hundreds of other confused travelers) were escorted into an arrival room until exiting the airport was “safe” again.

Why is that important? The more you travel, the more you realize that anything can happen. When you hire me to be your wedding photographer, I won’t just be showing up the day before hoping for the best. I know better.

When you start to plan your wedding day, there are a million and one things on your mind. At the end of your wedding day, all you’ll leave with is your photos and memories. I’m ready with the jokes and the camera so we can make sure every minute is a good one.

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” — Anonymous

Top: Karma the princess. Left, me eating a cookie. Right: My husband (aka favorite travel buddy)


Everything I am has prepared me to be your destination wedding photographer - from my first international trip (to Paris with my husband, where I fell in love with France), to the last 10 years as a military spouse (listen - I KNOW how to be flexible). If you’re looking for a photographer to make you feel confident in your travels and comfortable in front of the camera - I’ve got you.




When I arrived in Cuba for a people-to-people trip, I almost got arrested at TSA for carrying a bible. 


The most thrilling experience of my life? A tie between sky diving in Hawaii and climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. 


This may seem crazy, but I really dislike coffee. Give me all the tea please. 


As a military wife, home is where my husband is. Together, we have lived in six different states and one other country.

I call this a “freedom shot” because it’s the moment where you have full permission to be yourself, or the moment you are caught in the middle of a memory that made you feel completely free.

When you hire the right photographer, they do more than show up and take your picture. The right photographer should make you feel calm as your wedding day approaches, comfortable in front of the camera, and confident that your wedding photos will show off your good side. 

work with me

Oh, the places we can go...

“Paris is always a good idea.” —Audrey Hepburn

You want a destination wedding photographer who still lights up from the moment they step off the plane, like it was their first time. No matter how many destinations I add to my travel resume, my eyes light up the same way - ready for adventure, and ready to share with you all of the joy.

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence


celeb i'd love to meet

Tom Hanks

Guilty pleasure


alternate universe job:

Tour guide for tourist in Paris, France. I love history.

favorite place i've been:

Literally every country I
have been too

drink of choice

Aspire Mango Lemonade

can't live without

My husband

usually craving

Chips.... or Pasta

Favorite City

Paris or Naples, depending on the day

favorite show to binge

Bridgerton and House of the Dragons

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Follow along on my journey as a international wedding photographer, traveler, and military wife