How to Prepare for your engagement session

Hey, I'm Dana! An International Wedding Photographer and  Experienced World Traveler based with over four years of business and over 200 engagement sessions under my belt. I want your upcoming engagement session to be amazing! So, I created this freebie just for you! 

You've got this

I've been there, friend. I have been in front of the camera both as a bride and as a professional photographer. I know the feeling but don't worry, I got you. 

When I got my engagement photos done, I only liked five photos. Out of 30. Maybe it was because my hair "looked wet", or the outfit I picked. All.I know is that I used this experience to help me prepare my couples on what NOT TO DO and prepare so that way, they can have the best experience ever!

Ready to make it magical? 

Follow this Timeline


When you book your engagement photographer, make sure to first find the right outfit for you and your spouse. Decide which is best for the location you will be going too. 


Once an outfit is picked, and location is set in stone, book your hair and makeup artist and show them the location and the outfit. This will help them create your pallet


Plan ahead. Make sure to have the day cleared out, bring a clear umbrella (just in case), and be sure to account for traffic and leave early!

"But... what would I wear?"

if it's on the beach

If you are having your session on the beach, a long dress that is twirl-able is ideal. For the guys, rolled up pants or jeans and a collared shirt is perfect.

If it's in the city

Either long dress or knee dress is perfect, with a cute set of comfy heals and a jacket. For the guys, dress shoes with a business casual is perfect!

If It's at a garden

Florals are always a good idea, along with an Ivory dress and adorable wedges. For here, I also suggest casual for the guys. dress pants, white shirt, and jacket.  

The tips and tricks

to make your engagement session amazing


Ask if you can have two outfits and/or two locations if you're looking for variety


Prepare for the rain! Bring a jacket and a clear umbrella and be flexible. 


Make it a date night! Go out to eat after and talk about how fun you guys had!


Do not be afraid to ask the photographer to see some images behind the camera and point out what poses you don't like!


Keep an open mind and remember that the engagement session is for you to get comfortable in front of the camera 

Tips from Real Couples

Brooke and Sam

"Relax. Meeting the Photographer for the first time can be exciting or nerve wrecking..."

"... but they know exactly what to do to make you feel fabulous. Take your photographer's advice on what to wear. They are experts on color and lighting and know what will go well with the location."

Megan and Chris

“Trust the Process and have fun with it!"

"Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you're nervous about being in front of the camera, remember that you're there because of a joyous occasion and know that your photographer has your back!"

Cait and Hayden

"Don't be afraid to be yourself."

They know how to capture you and your honey's personality in the best ways, so let it show! Be willy with each other too, because the outcome is amazing!

FAQ to ask the photographer

How many outfits can I wear?

Does my session include a second location? 

How long will it take to edit my photos?

How will I get my photos? 

Do you edit out acne or facial scars?


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