Santorini Wedding

bride and groom kissing in front of windmill

February 7, 2023

I’m Dana.
I take destination wedding photography seriously. If I’m going to book a flight and travel across the ocean for you, I should probably show you that I know what I’m talking about.

I know for some young couples, having a Santorini wedding in Greece might be a huge dream for them. They love the idea of traveling to a small island off the coast of Greece and either having a wedding or maybe just eloping.

Santorini Greece

Santorini is about a half our flight from Athens International Airport. With the plane being small and the flight being short, you will fly low to the ground. This will make the view from the window seat very much enjoyable. In fact, I suggest you fly on the right side of the plane to Santorini, and on the left side of the plane flying back.

When you land in Santorini for your wedding, you will find the drive to be bumpy and fast. So, prepare for motion sickness if that is something you are concerned about. The views though, are incredible.

Oia is a small tourist town on the island and located at the end near the warf. Filled with shops, restaurants, and incredible views. Such as the famous blue dome church, and windmills that glow during golden hour. This is the town we photographed this couple in. And my advice, perfect to photograph you as well when you have your wedding in Santorini.

Santorini Wedding

Oia has become one of my favorite beach towns I have ever come across. Like no other, it’s filled with picturesque views at nearly every corner. At sunset, the golden hour glow is perfect for any wedding portrait in Santorini. After all, Santorini is known to have the best sunsets in the world!

We started off the shoot at the blue dome where we did a first look. Aaron did not see Shaye in her wedding dress and all dolled up, so a first look was going to have a real reaction!

Santorini Wedding

Santorini Wedding

What we love about Santorini, is that there are so many locations to do wedding portraits. Shaye, our beautiful bride, did amazing posing solo.

On this day, an Air BnB was booked by our host that was just a few steps away from the Blue Dome. So, we used our private walkways. This was so we can avoid the crowd and still capture incredible photos!

Santorini Wedding
Santorini Wedding

To finish our evening shoot, we walked across Oia to the windmill. Walking quickly through the crowds with a race with the sunset, we made it to our spots. We were so grateful for the guests who happily made way for us and made space for Aaron and Shaye to stand. The views at sunset were truly incredible and so warm!

Santorini Wedding

About Aaron and Shaye

Photography brings artists together. In 2022, I met Aaron and Shaye at a different workshop held my AMV Retreats in France. In fact, it’s funny how we became friends. I was sitting across from Aaron at a table in the living room, and someone came up to us thinking we were together. Laughing, I joked we just met 5 seconds ago. Not long after, Shaye walked in and joined us. Starting a friendship.

My first impressions of these two was that I just met some of the most giving and kind people I have ever met. After all, their business name does mean ‘the act of loving in return’. After spending time with them at dinners, chats at the table doing work, and seeing them thrive as young adults, I cannot help but be so grateful they are in my life. So, I was jumping for joy when I found out they were our models for this sunset shoot.

Throughout the year, I have gotten to know more about them. They have such a strong desire to serve their couples in the best way by providing such high-quality imagery and videos. I love the way they interact with their couples and how they love collabing with many wedding dress designers, venues, and more. Aaron and Shaye truly are the best video and photo team

These high school sweethearts with a love for giving back, traveling, and making people smile will one day be getting married, and I can only imagine how beautiful their wedding day will be. So for now, I will enjoy these images of them that I happily captured.

Santorini Wedding
Santorini Wedding
Santorini Wedding
Santorini Wedding

Greece Wedding Photographer

Hey, there! My name is Dana and I am so excited that you are here checking out this blog featuring this lovely wedding in Santorini. Styled by AMV Retreats, this sunset shoot in Oia was truly a dream.

Photography is what I love doing, and I cannot see myself doing anything else. I have a strong desire to travel the world and serve lovely couples like Shaye and Aaron. Based out of California, you will see my traveling to either Europe or Asia every single year.

Santorini Wedding Vendors

Workshop Host: @amv_retreats
Wedding Planner, Styling & Design: @amv_weddings
Hair & Makeup: @weddingsmakeupandhair
Dresses: @evalendel @wona_concept
Groom’s Attire: @buccocouture
Accessories: @erinrhyne
Veil: @blossomveils @enaurabridal
Rings: @victorbarbonejewelry
Couple: @aaron_shaye.couple

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