French destination wedding

November 22, 2022

I’m Dana.
I take destination wedding photography seriously. If I’m going to book a flight and travel across the ocean for you, I should probably show you that I know what I’m talking about.

If you are wanting or thinking about having a French destination wedding, here are some reasons to have one and why it’s a wonderful idea!

France Wedding Photographer

Hi! Dana here. I am a France wedding photographer based out of California and Japan. This means that I travel all over the world to photograph weddings for the truly wonderful couples. Wedding photography brings me joy and one of my favorite locations in the world to photograph in is in France. There is so much inspiration with the styles, views, and the season. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get married in a beautiful country?

French destination wedding

There are many reasons on why those located in the U.S head over to France to have a wedding. When I meet a new wedding vendor, or a couple getting married in France, this topic always comes up on why they wanted to have a french destination wedding.

  1. They compare what their money can give them in the U.S vs. France and realize they can save money. For example, there are locations in France that can be all inclusive for your wedding. While many venues in America don’t even include your rentals. One couple I talked with said they choose France; and that they are still saving about $8,000 when it’s all said and done. Your budget in France for the wedding industry will simply get you more for your wedding.
French destination wedding

2. Many of your friends and family may have never been to another country. However, having a wedding in France will encourage them to immerse in a whole other culture. It would be incredible to experience France for the first time with others in your family. Plus, they can see parts of the world they may never thought they would see! It’s an exciting time!

And for those who are worried that their family has never traveled before and don’t think they would want too; my first abroad trip is what inspired me to start traveling. I never looked back after that and it changed my life.

French destination wedding

3. Many venues in France can accommodate your guest. For example, many chateau’s in France can host up to 50 people. It would be so incredible to be able to not rent a car to get from venue to hotel or even have to worry about booking a hotel. This is a great idea if you want to keep family and friends close for the whole experience. Plus, make it easier on everyone with traveling and accommodations.

French destination wedding
French destination wedding

French Excursions.

4. Having a destination wedding in France also gives you opportunities to add things into your wedding experience for your guest. If you are having a wedding in France, you can add excursions such as historic tours, cooking classes, hikes, sailboat on the riviera, and more. Group rates are discounted and will save you tens of hundreds of dollars.

5. Lastly, having a wedding in France can gain you access to beautiful details. I am talking florals, great views, and table rentals. Their stock there is more romantic, sophisticated, when it comes to chairs, tables, florals, and the overall experience. Weddings are celebrated with joy and love. The vendors have attention to details which make the experience better.

In short, having a french destination wedding is perfect if you want to save money, host an unforgettable experience for your guest, and be able to have a wedding that is memorable and well-detailed. France is my far one of the best countries to get married in, because your vision is endless!

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